Saturday, October 26, 2013

Little Inventions


I'm writing this on my way to the mountains, where my family has a house that overlooks the beach and thousands of mountains, it seems. Why am i telling you this? Because the car is hitting 45 and I might mess up my grammar. I don't want to worry you. Not that you would be worried, just ashamed. 

Anyways, I've feeling adventerous and I've been Pinteresting like crazy. I found this tutorial on making an infinity scarf. I had an old dress I didn't want anymore and decided to give it a shot. However, I didn't have enough fabric to do it, so I settled for making a cowl scarf using a tutorial I found on Pinterest! It actually turned out pretty good! It was a DIM (do it myself)/ecofriendly/experiment :) 

I'll be posting a skirt DIM experiment that's currently underway. It's an upcycle of two old knit fabric shirts. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Mucho love,



  1. The scarf looks pretty good! I really like the paterns. It's really cool how you turned something old that had no use in to something new totally practical! I give you too thombs up!!!

    1. Thank you Ivi! :) Lo más que he aprendido en este tiempo es, exactamente como tu dices, no deshacerse de ninguna pieza de ropa sin antes considerar cómo lo podrías utilizar nuevamente! Also, if you mess up, it won't hurt as much ;)