Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pata de cabra y casando líneas con cuadros..again

Aloha! Weekly, I apparently sucked at casando líneas y cuadros last week, so this week I practiced again, and they actually came out looking decent. El más trabajo que me da es casar cuadros; no sé si sea por el tipo de tela o porque de por sí es complicado. Lo voy a intentar con otro tipo de tela a ver. By far casar líneas es lo mejor que me ha quedado entre las dos. También, aprendí hacer un ruedo que se llama "pata de cabra" or "zig-zag" if you're not into goats (who comes up with this stuff?). Me encantó hacer ruedos! y eso era lo más que me tenía asustá, pero es de lo más práctico que uno puede aprender en costura. Bueno, yo creo que eso es todo por hoy. Thanks for tuning in! If you have any advice on how to "casar cuadros", let me know! :)

Mucho love,


Friday, September 6, 2013

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Welcome to another edition of "Un poquito de aquí y un poquito de allá", where I'll be making collages of my happenin's during the week leading up to my sewing class, which is on viernes!

My momma's pretty cool...she saw these postcards I received a while ago that were just to pretty to put away in a box, so she got this brillante idea de ponerlos en marcos! Los que tenía ya aquí no funcionaron (fail!) y cuando fui hoy a Kmart conseguí unos con el perfect size. The first one that I made (and the one pictured here) is from a very dear friend of mine who went to Paris about three years ago. While she was there she sent me the prettiest, most perfect post card ever. Plus, the fact that she even took the time to send me this, means the world to me. Now it has the perfect spot in my work room. 

Today, viernes (remember?), was my sewing class...zippers and lines and squares, oh my! It was awesome, plain and sencillo y me la pasé el resto de la noche terminando mi primer zipper (how do you say that in español? Cremallera?...). I'm loving my sewing class, and since practice makes perfect, I went on a little trip to our friendly Capri store where they sell loads of crafts stuff. I bought a few things I could practice with, without stretching the budget (I do love a good sale), and will attack them tomorrow, Dios mediante. 

Well, that's it for this edition of "Un poquito de aquí, un poquito de allá"

Mucho love,


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Update post

Last week we started to learn to sew buttons and something called "hilvanar". It's basically holding two pieces of fabric together with a simple hand stitch that will be removed once the garment is stitched together properly with the machine. The buttons were by far my favorite part; it was difficult at first and I was tempted to get frustrated, pero seguí practicando y empezó a quedar muucho mejor, even mom was impressed with the progress. 

I've been turning one of the room's at my house into a workroom and that has been pretty fun and it's actually coming along! I got a pretty cool chalk board on sale and my dad put it up for me during the weekend. I already have the towel rod I had written about earlier and it is waiting patiently for my dad to put it up. Why don't I just do it, you ask? Because I know better than to try my hand at a drill; I'd freak out from the noise and end with no door and my dad would have a conniption (google that!). So, my handy woman skills are practically nonexistent, but hey! I can sew a pretty good button!! :)  

Bueno, that's it for now. I leave you with a collage of my week. Enjoy!

Mucho love,


P.S Oh! I also made my first stitches (pat on the back) with my sewing machine! Isn't faaancy!?!?