Friday, September 6, 2013

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Welcome to another edition of "Un poquito de aquí y un poquito de allá", where I'll be making collages of my happenin's during the week leading up to my sewing class, which is on viernes!

My momma's pretty cool...she saw these postcards I received a while ago that were just to pretty to put away in a box, so she got this brillante idea de ponerlos en marcos! Los que tenía ya aquí no funcionaron (fail!) y cuando fui hoy a Kmart conseguí unos con el perfect size. The first one that I made (and the one pictured here) is from a very dear friend of mine who went to Paris about three years ago. While she was there she sent me the prettiest, most perfect post card ever. Plus, the fact that she even took the time to send me this, means the world to me. Now it has the perfect spot in my work room. 

Today, viernes (remember?), was my sewing class...zippers and lines and squares, oh my! It was awesome, plain and sencillo y me la pasé el resto de la noche terminando mi primer zipper (how do you say that in español? Cremallera?...). I'm loving my sewing class, and since practice makes perfect, I went on a little trip to our friendly Capri store where they sell loads of crafts stuff. I bought a few things I could practice with, without stretching the budget (I do love a good sale), and will attack them tomorrow, Dios mediante. 

Well, that's it for this edition of "Un poquito de aquí, un poquito de allá"

Mucho love,


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