Sunday, December 1, 2013

DIM (do it myself) Reversible Tote!!!

And it was totes (insert awkward face emoticon) fun to make! I found this tutorial on this woooonderful blogggg!!!! It's worth shouting for, I promise!!! The cool thing about this lady is that she offers a wonderful workshop for kids and teens, and has another series for adults..I of course used the kids' workshop, because that's how much of a beginner I am..and a wuss!!! But behold, the wonderful world of learning to sew!! My own reversible tote! :) 

Look at me, ain't I pretty!

Now, I know what you're thinking..seriously? she couldn't have taken a better picture? Well, let me tell you something people, I could've, but it's late and I was too excited to show it off!!! But, I will take better pictures of it, I promise!

Honestly, this is an easy, fun, wonderful project to take on if you're a beginner sewer, or a veteran that wants to learn something new or reinforce their skills! Anyways, I'm pretty pumped about this (cue fist pump in the air) and will look forward to making more!!! Stay tuned for more pictures (I did that with my television voice..thought you should know...(awkward face)). 

Mucho love,


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  1. The bag looks really nice! Props for it beeing reversible!!! Making lots of progress Jane, keep it up :)