Saturday, January 18, 2014


Hello there,

Long time no write. I've been busy, you see. I start school again on Tuesday, almost 6 months after taking a break, or as my mom likes to call it, a sabbatical. I'm throwing my net out, I'm trusting the Lord; He'll come through. I'm taking two regular classes, plus three graduate courses, plus a test. Pero, como me dijo una amiga, "...hay que tomar los cursor y hay que laborar." Lets do this God.

I've also been busy sewing a bunch! yay! :) It's been really good! Just yesterday I was able to start and finish a lot of the projects I was excited to work on. I made two pillowcases, one drawstring pouch, a wallet, and a kid skirt. Today I went and bought a lot of new fabric :) So, I'm all set for my next friday, my official sewing day. I'm not taking the second part of my sewing course, because I'll be too busy with school and it's important to me to do well this semester. I'll be, God willing, getting certified as a teacher, and the test I have to take in march is super important for me to pass in order to get certified. Pray for me.

If you're wondering why I wrote hashtags on the title, I'll explain. Why are people hating so much on hashtags. I like it. It's like an, when you say something out loud and in your mind you add something else because you just thought of it.. I don't know..or maybe! a title for what you wrote..#conondrum I don't rightly know..but I support it! :)

As always, here's a little collage of some happenin's...

Mucho love,


Love/Hate relationship right there.

Lovely cash envelope wallet using this lovely tutorial 

A drawstring pouch for our Scrabble tiles using this tutorial 

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  1. It's great that you're taking graduate clases! I bet that you will have a good semester. I think the 6 month break did you well, you had time for you're self to do your own thing and learn new things.
    I will be praying for you're important test and clases, just remember that God is in control :)
    The wallet looks amazing! Love the fabrics you used on it!