Friday, January 3, 2014

So long 2013.

I wonder, even now, if I'll even miss you. We had our ups and downs, but I must be fair, you did teach me a lot, actually; about God, about myself. Things I'd never notice if they hadn't been slightly painful. I don't regret a single day or lesson learned. "El crecer duele" me han dicho, and I thoroughly believe it. I thank God for you, 2013, but look forward to this new year with more hope than I dare voice. I even look forward to who I'll be, come next year, and what this new year will teach me, painful or otherwise. Because God has it all figured out, don't forget now. 

Mucho love,


p.s a picture-iffic stroll through what has been happening since last time we "spoke"

In the middle of a janeshoot, as I like to call it.

Oh yeah, thumbs up for paper towel rolls everywhere!

Graduation gift from our wonderful professor.
A little hand modeling for y'all
Tricks o' the trade for getting a straight seam
Fruit of our labor

Pinterest inspired...of course.

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  1. Al igual que tu, el año 2013 fue de muchos cambios para mi. Algunos de los cambios han sido buenos y otros de los que aun me estoy acostumbrando. Me pregunto, what will this new year be like? What has the Lord in plans for us? I guess will have to wait and see, won't we ;)
    Por lo visto en tus fotos se nota el progreso que has tenido con tus aventuras en la costura. Estoy muy feliz y orgullosa de ti my friend! Keep up the awesome work!
    Por lo visto en tus fotos se nota mucho tu progreso y estoy muy feliz por ti!